funkymamajama7: who's this and I dooo feel the noise!
Ughzibuzub: Dude, it's Dane. You know...from the RPG?
Ughzibuzub: BTW, do you have your sheet done yet?
Ughzibuzub: Boris wants them done by Friday.
funkymamajama7: this is Joshua....what is RPG?
Ughzibuzub: Role Playing Game.
Ughzibuzub: Joshua. Yeah, I know.
Ughzibuzub: Heh...knock it off, dude. I'm not in the mood to be fucked with right now. My cousin was in a car accident last night.
funkymamajama7: I didn;t know I was part of any role play game....
funkymamajama7: did tara put you up to this?
Ughzibuzub: What? Are you serious? Boris sent out the emails two weeks ago. You replied, like, right after.
Ughzibuzub: Who's tara? Is she angelfire5896?
funkymamajama7: ummm you got the wrong person.
funkymamajama7: no
Ughzibuzub: Oh. 'Cause angelfire5896 was asking if you had your sheet done, too. Apparently you two know each other?
funkymamajama7: sorry about your cousin I hope he is all right, but I dont know angelfire5896.
Ughzibuzub: It's the "Many Adventures Non-Denominational RPG." At least, that's what Boris is calling it. I tend to think it's a rather clumsy name, myself.
funkymamajama7: do you know sweetp626?
Ughzibuzub: Ah, he'll be fine. All that's really hurt is his pride. I'm guessing his girlfriend was giving him road head again.
Ughzibuzub: Um...nope, can't say that I do.
Ughzibuzub: Why?
Ughzibuzub: Do they want to join as well?
funkymamajama7: no IM just trying to fig. out how and why you think you know me?
funkymamajama7: Im cool with meeting new people but you got me stumped on this one....sorry!
Ughzibuzub: You sent an email to the ND RPG. You wanted to join. Boris has a copy of it. I'll send it to you, if you want.
Ughzibuzub: We've spoken at least twice before.
funkymamajama7: No I didn't.
funkymamajama7: nope.
funkymamajama7: you got the wrong person...sorry!
Ughzibuzub: Well, I don't see how that's possible.
Ughzibuzub: Maybe you just forgot...?
funkymamajama7: plop the e-mail into this screen so I can see it...
Ughzibuzub: Okay, it'll take me a minute to pull it up.
Ughzibuzub: All RPG submissions go through my hotmail account, so I need to pull that up.
Ughzibuzub: From : joshuahammonds@hotmail.comSent : Monday, June 7, 2004 6:04 AM To : Subject : welcome to the junglejoin me up, yo. contact me @ aim funymamajama7peace out nig
Ughzibuzub: We almost didn't accept you due to the obvious lack of grammar.
Ughzibuzub: But, we're pretty hard up, so...yeah.
Ughzibuzub: You seem pretty intelligent, though. So if you could possibly refrain from the "Ebonics" or whatever it is you call it during gameplay, that would be keen. Thanks.
Ughzibuzub: ...wait a minute.
Ughzibuzub: funymamajama7
Ughzibuzub: Not "funkymamajama7."
Ughzibuzub: Well fuck me raw with an ice pick.
funkymamajama7: THIS IS NOT ME! I do not know how someone did this but Im going to find out! Im sorry to sound like a jerk but someone is spoofing me or you, and I can assure you they are making a mistake. Sounds like I have a problem on my hands. I am with a Gov. Org. that wont put up with this. So let me say again this is serious!
funkymamajama7: Oh well I now see what is going on!
Ughzibuzub: Well, if that's the case, then I'm not aware of it.
Ughzibuzub: Why would someone want to spoof your account to join an RPG?
funkymamajama7: Wouldn't make any sense, so at least now we know what happened.
Ughzibuzub: Seems kind of silly. Besides, it would appear that I'm the one who fucked up the speeling of the AIM name. So who knows.
funkymamajama7: Ok well this is cleared up then, no harm done.
Ughzibuzub: I guess so. Regardless, we always need more people. So, if you want...
funkymamajama7: take care and enjoy life, it's to short!
Ughzibuzub: Is that a no, then?
funkymamajama7: Thanks for the offer but I am preoccupied by other things right now.
funkymamajama7: So Peace to you!
Ughzibuzub: Ah. Well, as I said, if you wish, the invitation is still opened to you. It's got a good storyline, too. It's all about killing Protestant heathens during the Crusades.
funkymamajama7: Ok thanks but no, take care!
Ughzibuzub: You too, friend.
Ughzibuzub: Worship Satan!
funkymamajama7: *** This user has signed off and is no longer online ***