ISSUE #1: JULY 13, 2005

Luna (on Saturday 21:36:47): Asrial, thanks for bothering to replying to e-mail. *smiles* Some people never bother to e-mail back at all.
General Zod (on Saturday 22:51:23): Indeed it shall be Zod's slaughter, for Zod shall do the slaughtering! KNEEL BEFORE ME, AKUMA! KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!
Zanny Clones (on Saturday 22:55:51): Zod> ... Who is routing for you on here instead of Akuma? *manical laughter* GO AKUMA! *does her happy-dance and gets it over with*

Hiei> This isn't a chat room dear. This is a place messages are left for others to view. If you have on spacific question then ask someone in a different room if they happen to be on or try asking us on here. That is if it's a question that can't wait for someone to get on and answer for you... Okay?

Shadows> Welcome to OC. ^^; Lucky... You got one of M00N's avs.
Akuma (on Saturday 22:58:26): i do not need your cheers they wont affect the outcome of the battle...

and as for you zod...the battle awaits you I am yourself and be destroyed
Kuroi Kenshi (on Saturday 23:56:17): *goes to watch superman*
Rasty (on Sunday 03:19:54): *cheers* Go military agression!!!111! (one one one exclamation!!
Lady Coreander (on Sunday 03:45:35): Ahhh, uninformed newbies. They're so fun.

Hiei> If you have questions ask somebody in the chat if there's someone around (you'll see if there are). If there isn't, just post the question on the BB, and someone will help eventually. If you need help with something the regular chatters can't help you with, ask a guide (such as myself). Hope you catch on quickly deary.
General Zod (on Sunday 04:06:34): Zod agrees to your terms. You and planet Houston shall be destroyed!
Lysander (on Sunday 05:21:50): ... You guys have been talking about this for days... Maybe weeks. Shouldn't you stop talking and just get going? It's almost like you are stalling.
Akuma (on Sunday 06:05:17): we uhh actually have yet to be on at the same time...but when it happens
Usagi (on Sunday 07:36:37): Stew- call me if you have a phone card. .::.worried.::.
Keii Side (on Sunday 14:55:33): Roffles
Ashley (on Sunday 20:41:03): akuma: *wonders if that will ever happen* >_>
Shadow Of Darkness (on Sunday 23:14:04): lol i guess it might but might not lets just see
Asrial (on Sunday 23:57:50): Luna > The least I can do for an old friend (^_^)
* leaves a glomps for those who need it *
General Zod (on Monday 05:31:46): Zod does not do ANYTHING at the beckon call of the inhabitants of planet Houston. This planet belongs to Zod! You will kneel before me as did the son of Jor-El, Akuma!!
Mervyn Pumpkinhead (on Monday 05:38:02): Happy Birthday!
John Blood V (on Monday 06:03:58): Zod: please, do not post fourt time in a row in a span of 10 minutes.
Keiichi Morisato (on Monday 06:49:46): Zod, please press the reset button on your life. You've already lost. :D
Midnight (on Monday 13:48:26): I'll do it. *smacks the reset button*

I think I been away way to long.

Hello peeps.
Zoom (on Monday 20:16:09): What do you expect? He's military. Obviously he's going to be annoying and pathetic.
Keiichi Morisato (on Monday 20:21:10): Zoom>He, I'm military. So is Kaneda. You wanna say that to my face?
Eiji (on Monday 21:50:47): *Arrived NYC*
Nonononn (on Monday 23:26:57): Zod/Zoom: Leave off on the military bashing. If you're just going to start a fight on the board, keep it to yourself.
Akuma (on Tuesday 00:07:08): zoom soon to be military(if my summer plan fails) so you might wanna watch those words there guy
Mappy (Clan Dragon Half) (on Tuesday 00:37:24): Do not blame the many for the actions of the few.
Rasty (on Tuesday 02:20:15): LC~ Are you talking to Rasty as the n00b? Well, if you mean n00b as in new here, Iv been around for somewhere over a year. Im just n00bish becouse I am wierd at the internet, and dont get on much. Not that I have an excuse... But Im not that kinda n00b! Just thought... Id try *waits for the un avoidable pwning that awaits him in a debate*
Dark Zippy (on Tuesday 02:29:48): I keep pressing the reset button on my life but it resets itself 0-o
Juggernaut (on Tuesday 03:52:37): I'll say now that you're damn lucky that I didn't see that post, Zod.
Lady Coreander (on Tuesday 03:56:24): Rasty> lol No, I wasn't talking to you, don't worry.
Sebastian (on Tuesday 04:50:13): What do you get when you cover a crab in vasoline?

Ohohohoo slipperier and slipperier crabs! *flutters off screaming like a banshee*

Akuma (on Tuesday 06:37:20): Kaneda bro.

Remember to pick me up a copy of Namco X Capcom...or was it phantom kingdom i asked for...screw it...get the namco x capcom ill get pk myself
Sulia (on Tuesday 06:46:56): uhm...o_O
Juggernaut (on Tuesday 06:52:28): NXC? Done.
Sebastian (on Tuesday 09:47:01): Zod> I DESPERATELY need some help from you!

I have this GREATEST idea ever! It'll give everyone the case of the slippery crabs!
Ihadurca (on Tuesday 11:17:54): Wow...Sulia? There's a chatter I haven't seen in ages!
Midnight (on Tuesday 13:32:27): *pokes Ihadurca*

Yeah, no military bashing! My brother in-law's in the military.
Kuroi Kenshi (on Tuesday 17:09:03): No serious bashing of anything/anyone please unless you have a permit
Kuma-san:if you get NXC have to give me a verdict on it^^
Zanny Clones (on Tuesday 18:59:41):

Can anyone around here color this for me? The text can be replaces and it needs to be fixed so it's not so crooked... I would like the characters to be colored as they are in the anime (Hellsing) they're from. It'll be greatly appriciated if it could be done. ^^ Thanks! If/When anyone finishes this, e-mail it to me at
Thankees Muchlies! ^^
Akuma (on Tuesday 20:02:31): kuroi: i already played it...the game gets a flying shining golden A+
Evil Gem (on Tuesday 22:24:02): sebastian: -_-; what were you on last night?
General Zod (on Tuesday 23:00:01): You shall not threaten Zod. You shall not request Zod's help. You only need kneel before Zod. Zod does not help the inhabitants of planet Houston.

Why is it that you avoid kneeling before me, Akuma? You make your challenge and then you run? Who is this imbecile? Why do you do this when you know I will kill you for it?
The Real Kyrie (on Tuesday 23:17:51): Hey guys let's start a new trend like in the old days :)

"The Real [Yournamehere]" with an actual photo AV of yourself. Trust me, all the cool kids are doing it.
lex luthor (on Tuesday 23:27:57): This is how it ends for the greatest criminal mind of our time?
Ban Midou (on Wednesday 00:09:37): You're starting to get on my nerves Zod... >.> just to warn
Zanny Clones (on Wednesday 02:08:35): Zod> I doubt you have any allies. Me thinx if you ever do get around to fighting Akuma, you'll get your @$$ whipped, whether or not Akuma is the one to do it.
SopranosFan6 (on Wednesday 02:58:03): Zod and Akuma? A fight? When? Cuz I want to see it.
Lady Coreander (on Wednesday 04:03:04): Kyrie> If I can take a picture that still looks good all shrunken down, I'll follow you in this new handle trend. Mua ha ha.
SSJgokusephirothcloud24!11one (on Wednesday 05:45:49): Hello? anyone there?
Lina (on Wednesday 06:12:45): Midnight! *hugs* Haven't chatted with you in ages...have to catch ya online one of these days

Lorr: [covers ears, trying to block out the wailing] @.@
Sebastian: *pinches at people* LEAVE ME BE ! Avast ye land lubbers, Oho, you would best me from the captain's ship!
Llounen: entered the Backroom.
Mr Mxyzptlk: entered the Backroom.
Mr Mxyzptlk: *ah-ahem*

Attention, attention, all you saps from the third dimension! A crisis is coming, and it starts with one fight: General Zod vs. Akuma! It will be the worst day in the history of this universe! No lie. It's gonna be bad. This world's gonna know problems like it has never seen! You're going to need all the love you can muster between you two to get through this, especially with a little one on the way!

Well, that's all. See you in ninety.
Sebastian: Nay, you would DARE best me from the captain's own! Haven't ye the RIGHT I would daresay!
Mr Mxyzptlk: KLTPZYXM!!! *disappears with a pop*
General Zod: entered the Backroom.
Sebastian: My General Zod!
Your naval brigade AWAITS YOUR COMMAND! *saultes and lets go of LC's hair*

lex luthor: There will be a reckoning...a crisis!
Akuma: anyway my time is just about up so i shall see you people...later today
Faile: hello Lex
Evil Gem: laters akuma
Akuma: -looks at clock- i have about...4 minutes before i get autokicked
Faile: later then Akuma
Akuma: yes...3 minutes and change...
Milihpen: What is this /winnt/system32/program files/restricted/user/english/shared/help/pron.dll.jpg?
tiny mouse: entered the Backroom.
Furryer Black: Bye Akuma
Lady Coreander: Black> Yeah, that was nasty. That made me shudder in a way that I've never shuddered before. It still makes me do it. Nyuuuuuhhhhnnggghhh!!!
Faile: [hugs itty-bitty-sis] heyas ^_^
Lady Coreander: Later 'kuma!
Evil Gem: *starts tearing at the wall*
Evil Gem: laters. i'm gonna see if my game helps my mood. i can't sleep it off today -_-;
Akuma: 2 mins
Evil Gem: Logged off.
Faile: ok, later Gem
Akuma: k-bro more like
c:/program files/random japaneese/locked/my docs/trust/spyware/virus/kuma'spron/porno
Akuma: -lol-
Furryer Black: Lady C> ::shutters himself:: Eralg... ><
tiny mouse: [runs around jumping up and down to see if ppl can see me]
lex luthor: I'm the greatest criminal mind of all time, so what makes you think your hellos matter to me.
Furryer Black: Zanny needs to make her p/ws shorter... ::took him 3 times to get 1 p/w right:: -_-;
Faile: Mouse-sis: [picks you up] don't want u getting stepped on now do we?
Milihpen: You're the greatest criminal mind of all time, so what makes this place worth your time to come to?
comedian 2005: entered the Backroom.
Milihpen: My password is 17 digits long.
tiny mouse: bro: nope

[turns to lex luther] ha ha yeah right i am the greatest criminal mind of them all ha ha....
comedian 2005: Hey-o all what's going on, eh?
tiny mouse: hey comedian
lex luthor: I don't why I'm here, but now that I'm here, I'm here to stay
Milihpen: went to the Index.
Faile: heyas comedian
tiny mouse: you forgot know
comedian 2004: entered the Backroom.
comedian 2004: *cry* I hate you brother! You stole my spotlight!
Furryer Black: Keii> Her's on freewebs is 34.... -_-;
comedian 2004: went to the Index.
Keiichi Morisato: entered the Backroom.
comedian 2005: hey eh no way ah?!
lex luthor: [looks down at tiny mouse] you're a tiny mouse, nothing more
tiny mouse: [puffs up] I am the greastest tiny mouse that can do more then you would have ever dreamed.. plus i can never die haha
Faile: since when has size meant much in that dept?
Akuma: timed out (left the chat).
tiny mouse: I still need and av for this
Furryer Black: Tiny Mouse> Really? I bet I can catch you if I ever get this can off my head... ::Struggles with it::
Furryer Black: Tiny> You have a picture in mind
lex luthor: *brushes tiny mouose aside* Out of my way, vermin.
Faile: [tries to help Black w/ the can, but is stuck on too tight] O.o
tiny mouse: black: you couldnt catch and fly. a picture in mind?
lex luthor: I'm afraid I have important business to tend to
comedian 2005: hey-o, o-eh ah?!
lex luthor: Logged off.
Furryer Black: ::nearly has head ripped off my Faile:: X_x
Furryer Black: Tiny> For your av I mean.

I know... ;-; It sucks..
tiny mouse: [crawls up into lex's suit and starts chewing all the wires really really fast]
Faile: Black: srry, only trying to help, hehe
Furryer Black: Go Mousey!
Furryer Black: Faile> ;-;
Furryer Black: Whoa... When did Gem leave?
comedian 2005: oh eh, he's gone, eh? ha! slippry fella! too bad, too, cause attackin 'im is fun.
Keiichi Morisato: I can help get that can off. :D *holds up Katana*
SHHHH Really! I'm here to help. >.> :D Chopchopchop
Faile: [watches as not a dent is made on the can] O.o whoa...
Furryer Black: Keii> Gah! ::hides behind random person::
tiny mouse: [looks around] he is a chicken butt... he needs to come back and fight
comedian 2005: fights is fun uh? i like fights no one does it anymore here uh?

Ashley (on Wednesday 17:05:48):oh happy b-day lady c!

newbie: ACK! THE HORROR! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *runs away from the newbies*
Mad Hatter (on Wednesday 17:46:41):Happy b-day Lady C! ^^

Happy B-day Brooks! ^^ I remembered! :D Hope you have fun today! ^^
Zanny Clones (on Wednesday 17:55:39):Sorry for the double post..

What's your battle cry?

Here's an example of what people get (Sorry Gem, I had to use this one XDDDD ):
Zang! Who is that, striding on the candy store! It is Geminai Mist, hands clutching a reflective halberd! She screams vengefully:

"I'm seriously going to forcibly reverse your gender!"
Evil Gem (on Wednesday 18:20:46):that seems fitting for what i'm going to do to you for posting that... actually... i'll just kill you.
Keiichi Morisato (on Wednesday 20:41:09):Since there seems to be quite a few people who don't have a place to upload avatars to, or webpages that are suddenly blocking remote posting, I've taken the liberty of setting up a public avatar FTP.

If you use Internet Explorer to use FTP, use IE. If you use an FTP manager program, use FTP.
Pass: public

Free avatar upload for all to use.
If I find anything else in there I'll delete it.

This is temporary until KOS officially comes online.
Loki (on Wednesday 21:22:55):*uploads p0rn*
lex luthor (on Wednesday 21:39:08):There will be a reckoning...a crisis!
comedian 2005 (on Wednesday 22:10:52): oh eh uh? when's da fight? gotta c that uh?